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Cranes Launches New Cranes Cider Club, to Help Customers Become Carbon Negative!

Homegrown British company, Cranes, have been busy developing the Cranes Cider Club App, to reward their customers for their loyalty and continued support. The mobile app will allow customers to collect points which can be redeemed for rewards and gifts, and now they will also be able to make a positive contribution to the effects of climate change.

Cranes have begun working with Ecologi, a company which helps people offset their carbon footprint by planting trees across the world, helping reduce the worrying levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Cranes have made all their employees' carbon positive, by planting 70 trees since they started the new initiative this month, removing over 5 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Cranes now want to offer this opportunity to their customers and app users. Customers will be able to use their loyalty points to plant trees around the world, offsetting over 200 miles of driving with just one tree.

“We have always tried to reduce our impact on the environment, from only using natural ingredients to ensuring all our products are vegan. We wanted to go a step further and begin offsetting ours and our customers CO2 emissions.”

Dan Ritsema, Co-Founder of Cranes Drinks Ltd.

To reward users for downloading the app they will receive a £5 voucher to spend on, which can be redeemed on any item from Cranes Ciders to Cranes merchandise.

“We really appreciate our customers and wouldn't be in the position we are without them, so we wanted to reward them for their loyalty and say thank you.”

Ben Ritsema, Co-Founder of Cranes Drinks Ltd.

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