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Cranes Liqueur - Mother's Day Cocktail

The Margarita is a classic cocktail which can be served frozen or over ice, no one is exactly sure where and who invented it, but we are glad someone did!



  • 1 part Cranes Liqueur

  • 2 parts cranberry juice

  • 1 part of tequila 

  • 1/2 par Triple Sec

  • 1/2 Lime

  • Cranberries to garnish

  • Lime

  • Sea Salt


1. Run a lime wedge around the rim of a glass, and then dip the glass rim in the salt

2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, Cranes Liqueur, cranberry juice, tequila, triple sec and the juice of 1/2 a lime

3. Shake!

4. Pour into the glass, garnish with cranberries 

5. Sit back and enjoy!


Cranes Cider Logo
Ben Ritsema - Cranes Cider
Dan Ritsema - Cranes Cider
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