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Cranes Liqueur Lemon Bery

This Lemon Berry cocktail is a fun and refreshing cocktail to sip on all year round. The citrus and berry flavours will have you reminiscing of those summer days sat by a pool with a cold, citrus cocktail in your hand.



  • 2 parts Cranes Liqueur

  • ½ part Limoncello

  • 6 parts Sicilian Lemonade

  • Slice of Lemon to garnish



1. Add ice to your glass

2. Pour 2 parts Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur
3. Add ½ part Limoncello
4. Top up your glass with 6 parts Sicilian Lemonade and stir
5. Add a thin slice of Lemon onto the rim of the glass to garnish

Cranes Lemon Berry

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