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Cranes Mojito


  • 1 part Cranes Liqueur

  • 2 parts rum

  • Mint leaves

  • 1/2 lime

  • 2 parts soda water

  • 2 teaspoons of caster or brown sugar



  1. Place the  lime wedges into a glass, then add the sugar and then squash everything together, to release the lime juice

  2. Put the mint leaves on one hand and clap, this helps to release the aroma from the leaves.

  3. Add the mint leaves to the glass, and squash together again

  4. Half fill the glass with crushed ice and pour in Cranes Liqueur and rum

  5. Stir until the sugar dissolves

  6. Top up with crushed ice and soda water, if you are feeling fancy you can garnish with a sprig of mint

  7. Now sit back and enjoy!

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