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Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur
Craes Liqueur Award
Cranes Liqueur Award

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur 

Cranes double award-winning Liqueur is deliciously smooth, perfect for upgrading a glass of Prosecco, creating cocktails or enjoying neat. 

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Cranes Cranberry Gin
Cranes Gin Award

Cranes Cranberry Gin

Cranes Gin is handcrafted in small batches using the finest cranberries and is award-winning. A smooth and fruity, yet delightfully sharp gin.

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Cranes Fruit Cider


Cranes Fruit Ciders are refreshingly natural, by utilising the super fruits used they have 30% fewer calories and over 40% less sugar, compared to brand leaders. We produce 4 refreshing fruit ciders which are 4% ABV.

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Cranes Liqueur Cosmo Cocktail
Cranes Liqueur Cranbellini Cocktail
Cranes Liqueur Mojito Cocktail


Cranes Ciders were founded by twin brothers Ben & Dan Ritsema. After discovering at university just how much sugar went into the fruit ciders which were already on the market.​ They decided to break the mould and take on the big companies and launch a healthier alternative, creating Cranes range of natural fruit ciders.

Craes Ciders Handcrafted

Tastes Amazing

"Love the Raspberries & Pomegranates cider, tastes amazing and added bonus it has 30% fewer calories and made in the UK. Would highly recommend"

Asda - 08/07/2019

Summer 2020 Must Have

"This cider is so refreshing perfect for the warm weather so glad Sainsbury's finally stock it"

Sainsbury's - 28/06/2020

Refreshing fruity cider

"Nice to see a new brand on the market, and with far less sugar than other main brands. Not too sweet, perfect for a refreshing drink. Vegan friendly too!"

Ocado - 28/10/2019 


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